Ernst Zinsser (1904-1985)

Architect, Professor


1904 born in Cologne
1914-1924 Secondary school Cologne-Lindenthal
1924 Studies in architecture TH Stuttgart
1924-1927 Studies in architecture TH Karlsruhe
1927/28 Studies in architecture TH Danzig and Dresden
1928/29 Exam at the TH Karlsruhe
1930 Assistant professor of Gisbert von Teuffel at the TH Karlsruhe, staff in the studio of Gisbert von Teuffel
1931 Site agent oft the State building department in Bonn and Prussian building department Cologne
ab 1932 Prussian Building and Finance Department in Berlin
1934 Senior civil servant in the Building Department, liberal architect in Berlin
1935 Removal to Hannover
1947 Member of the advisory committee for archtectural matters of the municipality of Hannover, lectureship at the TH Hannover
1949-1971 full professor for designing and building sciences at the TH Hannover
1965-1973 Partnership studio with Hans-Jürgen Meyer-Delvendahl
1985 passed away in Hannover


Competition project Reichsehrenmal Bad Berka 1932
Vereinigte Leichtmetallwerke Hannover 1935-1942
Thingstätten Heringsdorf/Usedom, Holzminden, Bergen/Rügen, Braunschweig, Rostock, Drossen, Soldin, Werder/Havel 1935/36
Dwelling Konrad Adenauer Rhöndorf 1938
Storage Verwertungsgesellschaft Montanindustrie Allendorf 1940-1942
Administration building Continental Hannover (with Werner Dierschke) 1949-1953
Stadtsparkasse Hannover 1950/51
Administration and Central laboratory Kali-Chemie Hannover 1950/51
Residential and commercial buildings Knochenhauerstraße Hannover 1950/51
Hotel Columbus Bremen 1952
Factory Edler & Krische Hannover1952/53
Office and commercial building Stichweh Hannover 1954
Reconstruction Friedenskirche Ludwigshafen 1955/56
Ministry for feeding, agriculture and forestry Kiel 1955/56
Factroy Geha Hannover 1955-1960
Primary school Uhlandstraße Hannover 1957/58
Fridtjof Nansen School Hannover 1960-1962
Chancellery of the protestant churches in Germany Hannover 1964/65
University children's hospital with nurses home Kiel 1971-1977

Further reading

Ralph Haas: Ernst Zinsser. Leben und Werk eines Architekten der fünfziger Jahre in Hannover. Hannover 2000 (Diss. Universität Hannover 1999)